FEMA Earns Muzzle Award

Remember that fake press conference charade by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)? U.S free speech advocates have decided the incident -- where FEMA staffers posed as reporters to put a positive spin on its response to California wildfires -- is low enough to earn a 2008 Jefferson muzzle.

"FEMA's incredible and unique attempt to substitute false or fabricated speech for free speech surely merits a 2008 Jefferson muzzle," says the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression.

Combined with the toxic formaldehyde trailers the organization gifted to Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims, FEMA is not instilling much confidence for a government agency. Our advice: Clean house, FEMA. And hire a good PR firm.

The center also awarded police in Scranton, Pennsylvania for citing a woman for swearing at her toilet and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for demanding the return of plates reading "GETOSAMA." via ::Yahoo News More on FEMA ::How CDC bungled FEMA Formaldehyde ::FEMA Trailer Formaldehyde Liability Suit On The Way ::Toxic Trailers Not Just For FEMA ::The Importance of Environmental Justice

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