Fellowship Contest Gets $100 Million to Solve Climate Change

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Throwing good money after good, StartingBloc brainstorms green investments. Photo by Yomanimus via Flickr

It's called SIC - the Social Innovation Competition. Teams of six players will collaborate and brainstorm real solutions to the world's greatest challenges. This weekend, StartingBloc holds its Institute for Social Innovation, an event in which participants will play a "Long Game" with the object of designing the most resilient strategy to manage the global long-term effects of climate change. It's just one part of the agenda at the five-day gathering. On your mark, get set...The StartingBloc community consists of 1350 people and organizations from 53 countries dedicated to "advancing a more sustainable and just global economy" through corporate responsibility and social entrepreneurship. The Institute exposes fellowship candidates "to new models for achieving social impact." With Institutes in London, Bangalore, New York and DC, this weekend in Santa Monica, California, 330 fellows meet up though Monday, February 21 from 9 am to 6 pm each day.

The agenda includes the above-mentioned Social Innovation Competition or Long Game, workshops, educational sessions, and the Ideas Marketplace. Participants get 60 seconds to talk about anything. Set up like TEDTalks except speakers take only one minute to pitch their projects, from eradicating AIDS/HIV in Africa to grassroots environmental efforts.

Day five, Monday February 21, is dedicated to the theme of Sustainability. One of the many industry experts who will speak is Catherine Geanuracos of Calder Strategies, who has previously worked with Live Aid, MoveOn.org and Credo/Working Assets. She'll address her cleantech initiatives and online social advocacy. Among the inspiring discussions, professional poker player Annie Duke will also be featured. No doubt, she has some interesting techniques to share for creative winning strategies.

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The Long Game competition will focus on climate change as the greatest threat to mankind this go-round, holding Dr. Jonas Salk's question in mind: "Are we bring good ancestors?" In an effort toward a fundamental redesign of society, the object is to work with $100 million to devise the best green investment portfolio and strategy for effectively enabling civilization's long-term resilience. Hopefully part of the plans include getting the proposals to those with real (not hypothetical) cash to invest.

At this meeting of the StartingBloc Institute, the contest is "incubated" by the Long Hope Project with a quote from Brian Eno: "Civilization with long nows look after things better."

Want to get involved? There's a launch party and fundraiser for LA's SociaI Innovation Institute on Sunday night, February 20 at the Annenberg Community Beach house to celebrate the candidates who will become official StartingBloc Fellows.

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