Feelgoodz Flip-Flops An Unwitting Casualty of Gulf Oil Spill

feelgoodz photo

While not exactly on the same scale as fishing and tourism taking a huge hit from the Gulf oil spill, Change.org highlights an unwitting and unexpected casualty of it all: Feelgoodz flip-flops. The ethically-sourced, all natural rubber, footwear start-up is sitting on thousands of unsold shoes and may be unable to repay a $50,000 loan that got them started. Apparently, just as the company had a container of 10,000 flip-flops ready to be distributed to 75 Whole Foods stores throughout the US--to enter through the Port of New Orleans--the BP oil spill happened. The ship with the shoes aboard was stuck in Freeport, Bahamas.

The shoes eventually reached New Orleans, over two months later than expected, and the window to stock the seasonal shoes at Whole Foods closed.

The result of all that is that the company may be unable to repay that $50,000 loan to Village Capital Funding by this week's deadline.

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