Federal Spending Accountability: Online Now At Recovery.gov

memo from the president image

Got the memo yet? Office of Management & Budget is directing Federal agencies to provide spending and performance data to the "Recovery.gov" website. Signed orders are to:"...deliver a website that allows citizens to hold the government accountable for every dollar spent, the law and guidance require Federal agencies to implement mechanisms to accurately track, monitor, and report on taxpayer funds." On "Recovery.gov" you can already......watch President Obama speak about the accountability requirements.

The interactive jobs creation map, located here, is getting interesting already. Hope they figure out a way to break out "green jobs."

The sliding scale time-line at the base of the home page - Milestones at a Glance - is an especially good method of updating progress.

Radio talk shows - enough already.

We'll be looking for green content on Recovery.gov every so often. You should too.

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