Fed Ex Makes Major Move Towards Sustainability: All New Buildings Will Be LEED Certified

Photo: TravelEden under a Creative Commons license.

Over the last few years, Fed Ex has been on something of a sustainability warpath: from converting 92 delivery trucks to diesel hybrids in 2009 to building a solar-powered facility in Cologne, Germany, the international company has made some great strides towards going green. But it hasn't slowed down yet: this week, Fed Ex announced that from here on out, all of its new buildings in the US will be LEED certified.The first two buildings that will be LEED certified are an under-construction facility in Las Vegas, and, more significantly, the FED Ex headquarters in Memphis, which will achieve the Gold level certification. Don Colvin, vice president of Properties and Facilities at FedEx Express, said:

FedEx is taking another step toward our goal to conserve energy, help the environment, and create better places for our customers and team members. This certification is third-party verification that FedEx is being a good steward of the planet.

And while at TreeHugger, we've had our reservations about LEED certifications, we can't deny Fed Ex the credit for raising the bar and throwing down the gauntlet to other major companies looking to go green.

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