Faucet Giant Kohler Launches Water Saving Contest


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While they design the faucets and fixtures that bring the water to you in style, they don't think that wasting water should be part of the design. So, Kohler, maker of ???, has launched their Save Water America campaign to educate homeowners on water saving tips. Part of this includes an easy, virtual water saving contest - the prize: water faucets for Habitat for Humanity homes.So here's how the game is played - for every person that goes online and completes the (short) quiz on water, Kohler will donate $1 worth of water-saving products to Habitat for Humanity homes, which can be tracked in real-time on the site. Ultimately Kohler plans to donate over $1 million in water-saving products, which will outfit plumbing on at least 600 homes.

The "game" is really a way to show you how updating your own toilet (where at least 25% of your daily water usage goes) could save potentially thousands of gallons of water each year. Then the results show you which states have toilet replacement rebates to help fight the financial burden of protecting the planet. There are also several videos with explanations on how to install different water-saving technologies. The site isn't very in-depth but is a handy little tool on getting started with saving water around the home.

Habitat for Humanity, praised for its work to build modest, sustainable homes, has worked to incorporate eco-friendly principles in the past. Now it's getting one more booster shot with water saving products. :Save Water America
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