Father Takes To Bike To Save Gas


In Alabama, that is actually headline-worthy news. Florence, Alabama: SUVs and minivans circled around the parking lot at Kilby School, and parents darted back and forth to collect their children and buckle them in for the ride home. With one exception. Scott Infanger walked over from his nearby office at the University of North Alabama, greeted his 7-year-old daughter and unlocked the family trail-a-bike, a tandem bike with a junior seat....In the entire state of Alabama, 1,656 residents bike to work. ::Times Daily

Bike Lanes, Intended for Safety, Become Traffic Battlegrounds
New York City: James Frederick was in Manhattan cycling west in the Prince Street bike lane on a recent morning when a green Ford parked in the lane forced him to swerve into the narrow roadway where cars and vans were rushing past."It's kind of scary because the cars next to you just keep going," says Frederick, "The city just put this lane in a few months ago, but it's not respected by drivers." ::New York Times
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