Fast Food Leaves the Most Litter

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It turns out that garbage from McDonald's is the most prevalent litter found on the streets of England. Next comes rubbish from Greggs, a bakery, then KFC and Subway. With a soupcon of abandoned coffee cups, kebab and fish and chip wrappers on the side. Keep Britain Tidy carried out a survey of the garbage in a number of cities. It revealed that fast foods make up a quarter of all the litter found on the streets. It's pretty disgusting and the sidewalks show it.Their Dirty Pig campaign is calling on fast-food customers and the chains to be more responsible. For TreeHuggers the encouraging part is the range of suggestions to the chains on how they could clean up their act. They are telling them to do things that we have been posting about for years and now these ideas are hitting the main streets.

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Keep Britain Tidy campaigners say that "We want fast food chains to play a more active role in delivering an anti-litter message at the point of sale."

  • They say that all fast food chains should reduce unnecessary packaging.

  • The companies should have lower prices for patrons who eat inside the restaurants.

  • They should offer discount vouchers for people who return the packaging.

  • They should have more garbage cans along local streets, not just in front of the restaurants.

Naming and Shaming: the most littered fast food brands in England

1. McDonald's — 29 %

2. Unbranded fish and chips/kebab — 21 %

3. Greggs -18 %

4. KFC — 8 %

5. Subway — 5 % and other branded coffee 5 % (joint place)

In addition, academic research has shown that seeing litter displaying a company's brand can cause negative branding, which affects the customers' perception of the brand.

KFC claims that it is taking their responsibility to the public "very seriously" and will introduce a programme to reduce packaging on many products.

Subway wasn't quite so agreeable and said that it was up to the customers to find a bin.

For some reason the findings on the hierarchy of litter differ from city to city. What this reveals about each place must be left to a sociologist somewhere else. But for the curious, Greggs' packaging was most popular in Manchester, whilst McDonald's topped the list in Newcastle. Fish and chip wrappings were the worst in Liverpool. Sheffield was big on KFC while in London coffee cups accounted for the most. Keep Britain Tidy Via : The Telegraph

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