Fast Company's Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade


illustration by Erika Schneider for Fast Company

Fast Company provides an interesting list of what they think the best green jobs are, where to study for them and what related careers might make sense as well:

Farmer: America has only two million farmers, and their average age is 55. Since sustainable agriculture requires small-scale, local, organic methods rather than petroleum-based machines and fertilizers, there is a huge need for more farmers -- up to tens of millions of them, according to food guru Michael Pollan.

Solar Power Installer: : Making and installing solar power systems already accounts for some 770,000 jobs globally.Urban Planner : Urban and regional planning is a linchpin of the quest to lower America's carbon footprint. Strengthening mass transit systems, limiting sprawl, encouraging use of bicycles and deemphasizing cars is only part of the job. Equally important is contingency planning, as floods, heat waves and garbage creep become increasingly common problems for metropolises.

and seven more at Fast Company.
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