Fast Company: A HIP way to Think About Green Companies


HIP stands for Human impact and profit. Fast company and two San Francisco firms teamed up to "evaluate and rate publicly listed companies. Our goal: to look beyond good intentions and focus on concrete results--how human impact drives the bottom line--as a guide for investors seeking to generate compelling returns and benefit society.....Our analysis assessed the share of a company's products and services that contributed a net positive benefit to customers' and employees' health and wealth; the net positive benefit to society, including the environment; the value or benefit paid to employees and suppliers; and the share of that value that was fairly distributed (that is, by gender, ethnicity, or income class), including executive pay."

It actually works better online than in the magazine, because you can click on the numbers instead of going back and forth, and easily click through to backup information. I was pretty surprised at some of the ratings, with United Technologies coming up with the highest practices score, but they have their methodology. Worth a look at ::Fast Company


Also in the April issue, an interesting article on the design of the new Buick LaCrosse- in China. The concern: "Americans have become comfortable that our competitive advantage- innovative energy and smarts- can't be outsourced. But what if that isn't true?"

Just don't try to sell it in Quebec.

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