Farmers Fight Pipeline to Be Built through Illinois

On several occasions, we have posted about the coming Texification of the U.S. Upper Midwest, a process set into motion by piping Alberta Tar Sands crude oil southward, through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois. Plans now include piping the Alberta sour all the way down to the Texas coast, where it can be refined and products exported.

By connecting the southern Illinois oil transport hub of Patoka with an Enbridge pipeline near Pontiac, the Canadian firm, in partnership with Exxon Mobil, could beat out other companies that have also announced plans for pipelines connecting Canada to the Gulf Coast.

Several farmers are standing in Enbridge's way, however, refusing to let the company build the pipeline through their land.

We empathize with the Illinois landowners who have said "no" to the proposal; and, we are amazed that a Canadian company has the gall to threaten eminent domain to take US farmers land away to lay pipeline. (Wouldn't this ignite a prairie fire if it were a Middle Eastern based corporation?)However, if the pipeline is not extended, that will add pressure to refine the crude in the upper Midwest, increasing the 'Texification' pressures locally.

After realizing that we can't drill our way out of peak oil and, in so doing, solve national security issues, we are headed toward making Alberta crude a lose-lose proposition for everyone directly involved except the oil companies.

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