Fans manufacturers who tout their products' energy efficiency fight energy efficiency regulations

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Hunter Fans writes on their website: "We all want a cleaner, greener planet, and Hunter products can help." Right. That's why the Tennessee-based company is opposing energy efficiency standards for ceiling fans. That's why the Tennessee Republican famous for attacking Al Gore, Marsha Blackburn, has added a rider to the Energy Appropriations bill to block the Energy Department from setting energy efficiency standards. According to Roll Call,

Companies such as Memphis, Tenn.-based Hunter Fans cannot afford burdensome regulations that would drive up the price of products. The amendment, which would block funding for writing the regulations, was adopted by voice vote.

Curiously, it was the fan industry itself that sought federal standards, to avoid a mess of different state standards. They were all agreed to and signed into law by George Bush in 2005. Roll Call notes that there was supposed to be a review of fan regulations every six years, but that isn't going to happen:

Hunter Fans has filed comments opposing the process, saying additional regulations could increase costs beyond what consumers are willing to pay. Manufacturers argue that ceiling fans are inherently energy efficient and that driving up the cost might push customers to turn to greater energy consumers, such as air conditioning, to cool their homes. The company has suggested that regulations be delayed “until there are further advances in fan technology.”

As noted on TreeHugger earlier in Catchy headline of the day: " Ceiling fans are evil", the devices are NOT inherently energy efficient, and in fact waste energy if not used properly. There are lots of things that could be done to make them better, including motion detector switches and timers. But this is America.

Hat tip to Carl Seville, The Green Curmudgeon.

Fans manufacturers who tout their products' energy efficiency fight energy efficiency regulations
Normally you can't have it both ways, unless you have a member of congress in your pocket.

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