Fancy an MBA in Carbon Management?


A greater recognition of global warming's harmful effects and a business climate moving favorably and rapidly towards embracing green technology, corporate social responsibility and sustainability have converged to foster the creation of a slew of new, eco-oriented MBA programs and courses at several leading business schools in recent months. The University of East Anglia announced this week that it would be launching the world's first MBA program specifically targeted at carbon management.

Its MBA in Strategic Carbon Management aims to train a new breed of managers who will have the ability to innovate and lead in the nascent low carbon industry and tie environmental considerations back into their daily business strategies. UEA's Norwich Business School will be offering the one-year, full-time course in conjunction with the School of Environmental Sciences, the School of Economics and the School of Development Studies and is hoping to attract a variety of entrepreneurs, businessmen and policy makers when it officially opens its doors in early 2008."The MBA in Strategic Carbon Management at UEA is timely. This MBA is leading the field alongside innovative companies in demonstrating that being climate friendly is good business. UEA is a world-leading educational institution globally recognised for developing educational curricula needed for tomorrow's world," said Bob Watson, the World Bank's Chief Scientist.

While it is certainly encouraging to see this and similar programs sprouting up in business schools around the world (we can always use more environmentally friendly business types), it may be a better idea to first focus on urging companies to incorporate some form of sustainable management and/or environmental science training for their current employees in the short term. That way, we'll have a large, informed, already entrenched body of managers and workers ready to take on the new eco-oriented business challenges of the day and hopefully prepared to find innovative solutions to some of our pressing climate-related issues.

Via ::ScienceDaily: World's First Carbon Management MBA Launched (news website)

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