Famed Green Investor Puts All His Dough On One Horse To Show


Vinod "ethanol man" Khosla is speaking out to protect his portfolio. Talk like this will toss all the government policy cards in one cocked hat. Just what we need.

Electric cars are not the best way for society to green transportation, famed greentech venture capitalist Vinod Khosla said Wednesday.

"Forget plug-ins," he said during a keynote address at ThinkEquity Partners' ThinkGreen conference in San Francisco. "They are nice toys. But they will not be material to climate change."

In particular, he pointed to battery problems.

Pretty much the same shtick he was tossing out almost exactly a year ago today, per this coverage in Grist.

And what's this ..."best way" stuff? It's not an either or proposition, with a wall between the toys and the "real man" ethanol machines. We'll need all the tools we can muster.

Via::GreenTech Media, "Khosla Calls Plug-in Cars 'Toys'" Image credit::Chevrolet E85 Truck