Fake Snow in China, Kurt Vonnegut's Brother, Falling Cement and Other Weather-Mod Tales



Our story on China's earliest snowfall in decades got picked up by Green Patriot Radio, which interviewed me on the ins and outs of the country's extensive rainmaking program. Among the trivia I share:
- Rainmaking technology was first developed in the US under Dr. Bernard Vonnegut, the brother of author Kurt.
- The Russian air force tried seeding clouds above Moscow with bags of cement on Jun 17, 2008. One of the bags did not pulverize and crashed through the roof of a house.

While the environmental health implications of artificial weather-making have not yet been shown to be detrimental, the snowfall in Beijing had one obvious drawback: thousands of passengers stranded at the airport that night who might have been told by their government to stay home.

Beijing made more "fake" snow last week.

Listen to my interview, about a quarter of the way in here.

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