Faith Leaders Hold No-Fly Climate Summit

faith eco summit image

Image credit: Faith Climate Connect

From Copenhagen's gargantuan carbon footprint to Al Gore's emissions there's no shortage of people complaining about the carbon emitted by those who want to cut carbon. But many are trying to keep this in check. A group of religious leaders just an interfaith no-fly summit, exactly one month after Copenhagen, to discuss the practical role that faith, and in particular sacred texts, can play following the disappointment of COP15.Organized by the Bible Society, the summit was held exclusively within a new interfaith social network known called Faith. Climate. Connect. Taking inspiration from poll results that show as many as 47% of religious adherents want their leaders to set an environmental example and fly less, the summit was held entirely online.

Rachel Ward, spokesperson for the Bible Society, says 'It's inspiring that we can use modern technology to bring together Christians, Jews and Muslims from across the globe to talk about how their sacred texts inspire them to preserve God's creation - without the need for flying. As it says in the Bible, "The land is mine; for you are strangers and sojourners with me.' Hopefully, Faith Climate Connect can help us all take more responsibility as stewards of this beautiful planet.'

And before any trolls start citing this as yet more evidence that environmentalism is a religion, it is not, anymore than Christian aid workers are "proof" that helping others is a religion. Everybody has a vested interest in survival—and that includes people of all faiths and none. Can I get an Amen?

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