Fairchild Semiconductor Follows Dozens Of Electronics Firms Into The Orange Room: Green Design In Electronics Is Off To India

My how things have changed. The US company that pioneered solid-state electronics is following the R&D; wagon train to India, outsourcing power efficiency engineering work to be near colleges that nurture electrical engineering excellence. We had no idea that electrical engineering was so labor intensive. Wondering if those Indian colleges will share in patent rights?

Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS), a leading global supplier of high performance products that drive energy-efficiency, has opened a design center in Pune, India. This research and design (R&D;) center will be responsible for designing and developing the company’s new generation of power MOSFETs and IGBT technology to support popular applications such as solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), automotive, lighting and ballast applications.
The Indian R&D; design center is staffed by expert electrical engineers with extensive design experience and a thorough understanding of the requirements for power designs, in particular low-voltage power. The Pune location was chosen due to its close proximity to several excellent colleges and educational institutions that focus on engineering, and it is home to diverse research institutions that supplement higher education..

...The dwindling supply of fuel and the emergence of new worldwide regulations and standards mandating energy-efficiency in a wide range of applications are driving this need for technologies that consume low power and conserve energy. Fairchild is focused on developing leading-edge products and solutions that drive the efficient use power in all electronic applications.

The underlying paradox is that by emphasizing diploma-mill-style cranking out of number-crunching MBA's while downplaying the need for graduating top flight engineering students, the US has set this up as a predetermined outcome.

India is renowned for power shortages and high dependence upon coal to generate electricity. Let's see how much support Fairchild and the other US corporate electronic firm lobbyists give to encouraging India to follow in the post-Bali agreement path.

Via:Fairchild Semiconductor Image credit::The World Is Not Flat, kdasteve.

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