Fair Trade Fortnight Says Show Off Your Label (Video)

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Everyone from Starbucks to Cadbury's chocolate seems to be going Fair Trade—so as Fair Trade Fortnight kicks off, it seems a fitting time to celebrate this movement for more ethical and equitable international trade. This year, the movement is asking people to "show off their label"—posting images of themselves with their Fair Trade products. But is there a danger this could all get a little too worthy?Given my previous concerns about green living as passive aggressive preaching, I've never been a big fan of conspicuous displays of ethical consumerism. Designer reusable bags leave me cold, for example. But I think what makes the Show Off Your Label campaign work—ironically, given its name—is that it doesn't feel like it's about showing off at all. Really, it's just a celebration of producers and products that we have grown to love.

From championing your latte to showing off your shirt, the idea is to get enthusiastic, driven advocates talking about why fair wages, fair conditions, transparency and respect result not just in justice and development, but better products too. Each day, Fair Trade advocates will be asked to post images of themselves with a given Fair Trade product, and to share a little bit about where it is from and why they love it. And with other activists voting for their favorite images, you can even win yourself a ton of Fair Trade goods or a trip to a banana plantation.

Check out the Show Off Your Label campaign page on Facebook to take part—today's challenge being to "show off your banana smile". Being all out of bananas today—and not entirely sure if the ones we had were Fair Trade or just organic (I know, bad Treehugger, bad)—it looks like I'll have to sit this one out. But I'm all ready for the coffee and chocolate challenges for sure...

In case you are wondering why you should bother, check out the video below on Fair Trade cotton and why it matters.

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