Facebook Group Demands Facebook Use 100% Renewables

Facebook renewable energy image

Image credit: We Want Facebook to Use 100% Renewable Energy

It's already well known that Facebook is caught between a rock and a Greenpeace with its decision to move to a power-hungry coal-fired data center. And even though Facebook could eliminate 75% of its energy use by changing its code, at its present rate of growth it is always likely to be a major energy hog. So how do we stop it? By joining a Facebook group of course.So far, over 34,000 users worldwide have joined We Want Facebook to Use 100% Renewable Energy. Organized by Greenpeace, the group aims not just to highlight Facebook's current reliance on coal, but also the role that information technology can play in creating a new, smarter grid and enabling renewables to move to the next level.

I've joined. Anyone else game?

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