Exxon Turns Off Disinformation Tap


Can this be true? Can I stop boycotting Exxon/Esso? According to the Wall Street Journal, Exxon has stopped funding the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CO2: We call it life) and "five or six" other groups active in the global-warming debate, Kenneth Cohen, Exxon's vice president for public affairs, confirmed this week in an interview at Exxon's headquarters in Irving, Texas. He declined to identify the groups beyond CEI; their names are expected to become public in the spring, when Exxon releases its annual list of donations to nonprofit groups.Myron Ebell of last week's "Whats so bad about global warming?" article is not thrilled. "We're not at the mercy of our funders for what we believe. But we are dependent on them for funding to help promote our programs. " The article continues: More significant are the meetings between executives from Exxon and other companies to discuss the potential structure of a U.S. carbon regulation. Several parallel tracks of discussions are under way, some sponsored by Washington think tanks, including the Brookings Institution and Resources for the Future.

The meetings underscore the view within much of U.S. industry that the science and the politics of global warming are changing. "The issue has evolved," Mr. Cohen said.

Exxon says important questions remain about the degree to which fossil-fuel emissions are contributing to global warming. But "the modeling has gotten better" analyzing the probabilities of how rising greenhouse-gas emissions will affect global temperatures, Mr. Cohen said. Exxon continues to stress the modeling is imperfect; it is "helpful to an analysis, but it's not a predictor," he said. But he added, "we know enough now -- or, society knows enough now -- that the risk is serious and action should be taken." ::Wall Street Journal via :;The Concious Earth

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