Exxon Blocking Toy Safety Bill That Would Ban Phthalates in Toys

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Sam Suds- the Movie

We have written so much about phthalates, the gender-bender endocrine disruptor that is a plasticizer for vinyl. While there is some dispute about its danger when used in products like vinyl siding or windows, it appeared that there was a consensus that sticking vinyl toys in the mouths of babes might not be a good idea. And while I am an architect and not a doctor or chemist (and have a medical student checking my work), I don't think you have to be to come to the conclusion that sucking on a chemical that is linked to hormonal changes, genital abnormalities, early puberty and even claims of reduced penis size is unwise.

But not everyone agrees, notably ExxonMobil, which is trying to block passage of a Toy Safety bill in Congress that would ban phthalates in toys. Why? because it is the one of the biggest manufacturers of the stuff. According to toy safety activist Peggy Lo:

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Moby Duck
"After 45 million children's products were pulled from store shelves in 2007, I can hardly believe that we're still waiting for Congress to act.

Earlier this year, both the House and Senate passed a version of a bill to improve toy safety. But now, as the final bill is being hammered out, ExxonMobil has joined forces with the toy industry and the chemical industry in an all out attempt to weaken this bill."

She is asking us to sign an open letter to Congress to "stand up to ExxonMobil and deliver a toy safety bill that really protects our kids:" ::Sign the letter here.


A few years ago when Exxon was funding global warming deniers and were generally creepy, there were campaigns to boycott them. After changing presidents and withdrawing funding from some of the more awful groups, the campaigns died down a bit. Perhaps we should reconsider this; perhaps one should say that if they are willing to poison kids, then they are just evil to the core. Perhaps it is once again time to Boycott Exxon.
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