Extra Extra: CAFE Standards Kill, Moving in with Mom at 52


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CAFE KILLS: Grover Norquist sez the new fuel efficiency standards will kill us all.

"The government itself has calculated that around 2000 people a year are killed because of those CAFÉ standards and our cheerful government has just voted to increase them, to make cars lighter, smaller. And more people will die. I mean 2,000 people a year die because the environmentalists think that you should be in a smaller car because it offends their sensitivities that you’re using gasoline." ::Think Progress see also :: New CAFE Standards? Don't Break Out the Champagne Yet and No Increase in CAFE or the Dog Gets It


Moving back in with Mom and Dad -- at 52 TreeHugger is all for efficient utilization of space, but there is a limit...

"Thanks to the slumping economy, more middle-aged people are taking up residence with their parents to help make ends meet -- some after getting laid off, and others after a divorce. Financial planners are reporting an increased number of calls for advice from parents who are taking in their grown children"::Wall Street Journal That's why we need properly designed multigenerational housing. see ::Cohousing for Aging Boomers and Cohousing for Gen X and Y