Exporting Pollution as Well as Jobs

In Turners Falls, Massachusetts, happy citizens are watching as a coal-fired power station is being torn down. No more greenhouse gases will come out of its stack in Turners falls. Instead, it is being taken apart, all components numbered and covered with arrows, and shipped to Guatemala, to be reassembled, where it will power a textile mill. According to the Boston Globe, it wasn't supposed to be this way.

A generation ago, economists and scientists envisioned a different future. Rich, developed countries were going to invest in cutting-edge technology to demonstrate its effectiveness. Then, developing countries would use that climate-friendly technology to leapfrog over wealthy nations' cast-offs.

"It just hasn't happened and we need a return to that vision," said Dale Jamieson, director of environmental studies at New York University. "We are living with emissions that are occurring everywhere. It's in our best interest to have technology everywhere that emits less." ::Boston Globe

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