Exploding Whale - A Metaphor For Top Kill, Junk Shot, And All The Rest

Stinking whale on beach. Many cases of dynamite later...blubber rains on humans.

This old exploding whale video seems like a good metaphor for the occasional failure of technology to solve to Big Problems like the BP leaker, I wanted first to use that scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc when the bad guys open up the box and all hell breaks loose. But, I can't post that because the Suits have 'intellectual property.' Somehow, raining whale blubber works almost as well.Update: RecycleNot asks what the point is. Here's my reply.

The post is about unintended consequences. The video narration points out near the end that the cure caused problems that were objectionable.

Metaphors need not have perfect literal ties but the aspect of "dispersing" fat (blubber=oil) should be fairly obvious I'd thought.

I was also getting at our society's predilection for metaphors to guide understanding. This need explains the knee jerk tendency to call this "obama's katrina' (a fairly inappropriate metaphor to my mind). If there is a good metaphor it might be the spectacular and tragic destruction of the Challenger shuttle, caused by failure of a small "O- ring". But we won't know until the investigation commission has done its work.