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Are you fed up with being depressed about the recession? We've spent so long suffering the effects of the credit crunch have we forgotten how to look on the bright side? At a time time when many worry that we're just going back to using the 'business as usual' operating manual, surely we need to take action on creating an economics of well being and happiness not just economic growth. Thankfully Schumacher College is providing you with a new year's resolution to reform and renew, with their upcoming course entitled The Economics of Happiness.Happy Planet Index
You may have heard about The Economics of Happiness, through the Happy Planet Index study done by The New Economics Foundation, which measured the health, happiness and ecological footprint of people living in different countries around the world instead of their GDP.

The Psychology of Money
Now Schumacher College invite you to evaluate "the connection between money and happiness at a psychological and a systemic level" with Andrews Simms, policy director of The New Economics Foundation and co-author of the recently reviewed The New Economics. Schumacher College tells us that "This course is intended for: people working in community development, education, politics and policymaking; students and teachers of economics and social sciences; those interested in understanding how our current economic system affects their lives."

International teachers
Andrew Simms will be teaching on this three week course alongside a amazing international line up of teachers including Tim Kasser, author of Psychology and Consumer Culture from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, Dasho Karma Ura, the President of the Centre for Bhutan studies, and Per Espen Stoknes the Co-Director of Centre for Climate Strategy at the BI Norwegian School of Management.

Three Week Programme
You can sign up to attend Week 1 with Tim Kasser on Materialism and well-being, or Week 2 with Dasho Karma Ura on Gross National Happiness (GNH): Lessons from Bhutanto, or Week 3 with Per Espen Stoknes on Psychology and Money two and Andrew Simms on Transforming our economic system. The dedicated amongst you might want attend the full three weeks. Read the outline of all three weeks to find out what themes are most relevant to your work.

A place for positive growth
After spending an amazing week at Schumacher last year on the Biomimicry course with Michael Pawlyn, we can highly recommend the college as a place to gain valuable insights from great teachers, as well as having a powerful experience of personal growth and development, it will certainly lift you out of the recession doldrums and help you look forward to new future possibilities - definitely a positive start for 2010.

The Economics of Happiness
Schumacher College, Devon, UK
February 1 - 19, 2010

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