Excess Packaging Department: Another Stupid Shipment

excess packaging mouse photo

Image credit: Sami Grover

From Apple shipping code in a box to the insanely big box used to ship a power cord, I'm never really sure whether to be amused or depressed by stories of woeful over packaging. It's such a sore topic here at TreeHugger, that Jaymi even put together a post on our 7 over-packaging sins. Now I have my own example to add to the list—guess what arrived in the box pictured above? A fricking mouse.

Actually, I tell a lie, it was a mouse, and a mouse mat. But still - the box from Tiger Direct was more than four-fifths empty. Besides the obvious resource use going into all these unnecessary boxes, the idea that Fed Ex is running around burning up gas to ship air from place-to-place is just obscene, and certainly makes me look at shipping charges a little differently.

But, I choose to be an optimist. So let's just say that all this stupid and inefficient use of precious resources means there are still plenty of low-hanging fruit for us to pick. Onwards!!!

useless packaging mouse photo

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