Examining the Environmental Policies of the Tigh/Roslin Campaign

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TreeHugger is presenting the environmental policies of the various candidates for President and today analyses the Saul Tigh/Laura Roslin campaign. The Toaster Team is in Minnesota this week, crashing the Republican convention, and frankly, it is appropriate that they are there as the policies are so similar.

Laura Roslin has such an attractive story, having won Miss Congeniality and Most Likely to Airlock a Cylon while a contestant in the Miss Caprica City Pageant. However her energy policies are a bit harsh, along the lines "Fracking Blast Here, Fracking Blast Now!

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Laura Roslin: Energy Reform, Dedicated to Colonial Energy Efficiency

Laura Roslin, who lives in an isolated cabin she built herself, cares about energy. "Tylium is a very important natural resource, and it's a limited resource. We need to drill now on asteroids closer to us so Caprica can finally break free of its reliance on imported tylium from other planets!" Roslin supports drilling in the asteroid belt nearest to Caprica, and believes that alternate energy is still years away. "Our ships need tylium now. The prices are rising, Caprican families are spending half their paychecks fueling their vehicles. Drilling must happen NOW"

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Saul Tigh: Tough on Energy Usage

Saul Tigh minces no words when it comes to energy usage: "Gods dammit, cut back or you won't have any energy at all! The Cylons will have it all!" Enough said.

More background on the Tigh/Roslin 2008 website

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