Evolve or Die: Mother Jones, November-December

The bold exclamation on the cover of the latest issue of Mother Jones may sound a bumper-sticker slogan, but Julia Whitty's cover story offers a unique and complex look at the twelve tipping points that could trigger massive climate destabilization, and points to a thirteenth that could lessen the impact for current and future generations: unprecedented levels of global cooperation. Borrowing from evolutionary biology, game theory and climate science, Whitty paints a grim picture, and then conclusively demonstrates that we're not beyond hope... if we can evolve.

Evolution also underlies a series of articles on "corporate do-goodery," with Bill McKibben, Amy Cortese, Adam L. Peneberg and others writing about companies as varied as Interface, Google and BP, and the difficult interplay between acting in the public interest, and remaining vigilant about the bottom line. Some companies are "doing well by doing good"; others are clearly more concerned about appearing as solid corporate citizens while engaging largely in business as usual. Distinguishing between the two is often a frustrating exercise.Other articles in this issue present readers with a former Marine now working for Al Jazeera, the revenge of the nerds (like Brad Pitt and Karl Rove), and a Q&A; with Fast Food Nation director Richard Linklater. Mother's as bold, brash and thorough as ever -- pick up a copy at your favorite bookstore or newsstand, or part with a mere $10 for a new one-year subscription. ::Mother Jones November-December 2006