Everything's Cool: Global Warming Action at Sundance


Just met super-cool "Everything's Cool" makers Daniel Gold and Judith Helfand, (mentioned here). More on the movie to come. For now, check out Monday's visual event, linking Park City and Arctic students! Local coverage here.

800 Park City students, along with the cast and crew of "Everything's Cool" formed a message with their bodies spelling out "Step It Up". The words morphed as the students changed positions to form "Go Carbon Neutral." The image also contained a circle with bear paws, representing carbon neutral footprints and a word in Inuktitut meaning "I hear you and I am doing something about it."

Local youth were answering the Arctic Inuit Community, who are featured in "Everything's Cool" laying on the Arctic Sea ice on Earth Day 2005 in 30 below temperatures warning the world about the devastating impact the melting arctic will have on the rest of the world.

Working Films teamed with John Quigley of Spectral Q, who directed the human aerial image. Naysayers: these people are offsetting like crazy, so let's let the visual impact counter balance the helicopter carbon! :: Working Films, Everything's Cool

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