"Every time you look, there's plastic all over."


We're glad His Honor noticed the water bottle thing. Like he said, bottled water produces tons of plastic empties. And few get recycled. It's a problem even in the town with the biggest, baddest water plant in the world and a high quality surface water supply.

""Mayor Daley is a bottled water guzzler who's often seen hydrating after heated news conferences. He's also an avowed environmentalist who's determined to make Chicago the "greenest city in America." Mayor Daley has, reportedly, "all but endorsed a proposal by one of his staunchest City Council supporters to slap a tax of anywhere from 10 to 25 cents on the cost of every bottle of water sold in Chicago.""

The City has to pay people to pick up the plastic empties. Why not recoup the expense of cleaning up after careless consumption?

""Money-wise, it's a good idea. Environmental-wise, it's a good idea, too....There's so much plastic in our lives. It's amazing. Every time you look, there's plastic all over," Daley said Tuesday."

(The International Bottled Water Association (lobby front for the bottlers) responded by saying that what would be a first-in-the-nation tax unfairly singles out the bottled water industry for a much larger environmental problem caused by packaging of all kinds."

Uh Oooh: somebody just admitted there's a problem. Woodshed time on K Street.

Go get 'em Mayor. We want to see this happen. Cause so many pretend green cities will copy-cat it.

Via:: Chicago Sun Times Image credit:: Google Earth, Chicago waterfront, Jardine Water Treatment Plant (top center).

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