Even a director of Harley Davidson wants net zero global emissions by 2050

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* Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly described Jochen Zeitz as the CEO of Harley Davidson. He is in fact on the Board of Directors. The President and CEO of Harley-Davidson, Inc. is Matt Levatich. Apologies for any miscommunication.

I apologize if this is getting repetitive but, when the world's biggest car maker is making plans to brake up with oil and the world's biggest utility is aiming to decarbonize, I am increasingly convinced that the fossil fuel industries' days are numbered.

Take this little nugget of fabulousness: 14 influential CEOs and corporate leaders just asked global leaders to commit to a goal of net zero global emissions by 2050.

True, some of the names on that list are hardly a surprise. From the Virgin Group's Richard Branson to Unilever's Paul Polman, there are many individuals who have already made bold moves to support ambitious decarbonization. But what about Jochen Zeitz, A member of the Board of Directors of Kering and Harley-Davidson?!

In actual fact, this isn't as surprising as it might seem. But it's certainly important. Harley-Davidson has been making waves lately with its pursuit of a high performance electric motorcycle. And by publicly calling for net zero global emissions within 35 years, Zeitz is sending an important signal about which way he sees the future going.

And it's a smart move. In much the same way as gas guzzling choppers came to symbolize the new found freedom and mobility of the post war era, the buzz around clean energy and zero emissions mobility options are beginning to feel like they too will define a generation.

It's only natural that Harley-Davidson would want be in on that particular ride.

Even a director of Harley Davidson wants net zero global emissions by 2050
Fossil fuel interests are losing friends by the minute.

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