Eurosceptic Codswallop

"Eurosceptic codswallop" is how one letter to the editor described the Guardian's recent list of 100 top eco-heroes. With 60% of the list being British, and another 20% being from North America, his complaint, echoed by others, is the omission of Africans from the list. The absence of the diverse cultures that are becoming extinct, such as the Kalahari San of southern Africa, and those whose way of life has been destroyed by our materialistic society such as the Sioux, the Arapaho and the Cheyenne, were noted. Also missing: Murray Bookchin, author whose work predated the Silent Spring, Eva Balfour, founder of the Soil Association, Ivan Illych, Carlo Petrini, founder of the Slow Food movement, and Ken Saro-Wiwa. British letters to the editor are an art form: witty, ironic and erudite. One letter: "Wouldn't it be better to wait until the planet has actually been saved?" And another: "How about a list of 100 people who have done the most to destroy the planet?" :: Guardian