Europe's Largest PV Solar Farm Opens in Italy

solar plant in italy photo
Photo: SunEdison

For billions of years the sun has been shining on a field in Rovigo, Italty -- but, thanks to a new PV solar farm built on that spot, that energy will now be put to some good use. Just nine short months after being given the green-light from the government, the US based SunEdison has officially inaugurated Europe's largest single-site solar farm, producing enough clean-energy to power around 17,000 homes.The 70 megawatt facility, located in the city between Bologna and Venice, isn't only impressive for it's size, but for how the various parties involved in its construction were able to build it so quickly. A report from CNET explains what factors made it possible for such a massive plant to begin operating in less than a year:

Maybe the fast-tracked project had to do with the competence of SunEdison, its recent financing progress as a company, or Isolux Corsan, the Spanish construction company SunEdison commissioned to built the PV solar farm. But it's worth noting that the project also had the complete backing of the Italian government from federal through local levels. Rovigo, Italy, also happens to be a member of CLEAR (City and Local Environmental Accounting Reporting). It's an EU initiative in which member towns agree to implement environmental accounting and sustainability plans as part of standard government budget operations.

According to SunEdison, the new plant at Rovigo is the largest single solar farm in Europe, distinguishing it from Germany's Finsterwalde Solar Park, which, while producing 81 megawatts, is actually divided into three separate facilities.

The new solar farm will prevent the release of 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere annually -- the equivalent of taking 8,000 cars off the road.

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