European Union Agrees to New Emissions Reduction Plan: 20/20/20 by 2020

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The European Union has outlined a new plan to fight global warming. Which is a good thing. The less good thing is that according to the views of many scientists the measures will not bring about enough of a reduction in carbon emissions to really mitigate the worst effects of global warming.

Here are the broad stroke outlines of the so-called 20/20/20 plan:
Emissions Cut, Renewable Energy Increase, Energy Consumption Reduced
Under the plan, which EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has called "the most ambitious proposals anywhere in the world", the EU will by 2020 cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from 1990 levels, increase renewable energy usage by 20%, and cut energy consumption through improved energy efficiency by (you guessed it) 20%.

It's got a nice snappy, memorable title. Something which rolls off the tongue at press conferences and at meetings of world leaders, but it probably isn't enough. According to some scientists cuts of between 24-40% are needed in that time frame to avoid the worst of global warming, with some saying that emissions reductions of 80% are more the order of the day.

Sanjeev Kumar of WWF was quoted in by BBC News as saying,

This is a flagship EU policy with no captain, a mutinous crew and several gaping holes in it.

US Willing to Lead, If Others Will Go Along
At least John Kerry has indicated that the United States was willing to lead a new climate deal, provided that other countries (presumably referring to developing nations...) also pledge to cut emissions.

via: BBC News
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