Europe May Tax Non-Kyoto Nations


France is pushing a trade tax in the European Union that would affect only nations who have not signed the Kyoto Protocol or who have not met their Kyoto standards. Included would be America and Australia, who never signed on, and Canada, who is not set to meet its goals.

The Prime Minister of Australia called the proposed tax "Silly" and the Australian Daily Telegraph ran the headline "Back Off, Frogs" next to a picture of a French nuclear test held in the South Pacific in 1971. So far, the official American response seems to have been complete silence, but we'll see how long that lasts.Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin seemed adamant about Europe throwing all it's weight behind a response to countries who refused to participate in Kyoto. "I would like us to study now with our European partners the principle of a carbon tax on the import of industrial products from countries which refuse to commit themselves to the Kyoto protocol after 2012." Well, he's not making any friends outside Europe, but is he doing the right thing?

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