EU Votes to End Sale of Seal Products - Canada Not Happy

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The EU Parliament has approved a suggestion to forbid the sale of seal products in the EU, in a bid to stop seal hunting and the brutal methods the hunts have sometimes been party to, including skinning the animals while they are still alive. Canada protested the EU's move and threatened to bring its case to the World Trade Organization.

In the meantime, TreeHugger readers say Canada should stop seal hunting altogether. This year, sealers in Canada's controversial hunt have killed almost 20,000 seals out of a quota of around 300,000.Meat, oil, and pelts
Canada has the world's largest commercial seal hunt but seals are also hunted in Greenland, Norway, the U.S., Namibia, Britain, Finland, and Sweden. Seal fat is used in beauty products, while the pelts are used for expensive coats. Even Omega-3 pills made from seal oil will be anned.

The EU's prohibition will go into effect before next year's hunt, and will forbid all products containing anything derived from seals being imported, exported or transported across the 27 members of the EU. The bill passed the EU Parliament by a 550-49 vote.

Norway, which is not an EU member, has also said it may protest if seal hunting is banned. The rule does allow for some small scale hunting in Inuit communities in Greenland and Canada, as well as some culling to manage seal herds.

The ban itself does not ban the hunt but the products of the hunt, which could have economic effects on Canada and the other nations. It could also effect some fish stocks if seal populations rise significantly. Unfortunately, the ban doesn't in any way shift the hunt to more humane forms of hunting. Via: Associated Press
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