EU & US Look to Eliminate Import Tariffs on Green Goods - Try to Woo China Into Global Climate Deal

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photo: Douglas Cataylo via flickr.

Helping the flow of low-carbon technologies around the world, in particular from developed to developing countries, is really a key part of forging a global climate deal. Well, here's some good news on that front: Reuters reports that the EU and US are holding talks to eliminate duties on green goods, in order to bring China on board to a post-Kyoto agreement:Under the proposed deal being discussed, the 30 nations which make up the OECD and China would agree to phase out import tariffs on green technology -- wind turbines are the only one mentioned by name, but others are implied... though hybrid cars would likely be excluded).

An unnamed diplomat quoted by Reuters says the agreement would save Chinese exports billions of dollars and would form a "large part of the overall package offered to Beijing to cut emissions."

Tech Transfer Just Part of Developing World Demands
Which is all great, greater technology transfer has consistently been brought up by China (and other developing nations) as crucial for their participation in an international agreement, but let's not forget about the other part: Deeper emission cuts from developed nations, in line with what climate scientists say are required: 25-40% from 1990 levels by 2020.

More Emission Reduction Commitment Needed...
Not to belittle the importance of these trade talks -- they are worthwhile paying attention to -- but with a few notable exceptions (Sweden & Japan...) the developed nations of the world are still dancing around the issue of really committing to adequate emission cuts.

Let's hope IPCC chair Rajendra Pachauri is right, and nations are just holding their deeper reduction cards close to their chest, and aren't just bluffing.

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