EU Slaps US Biodiesel Imports With Anti-Dumping, Anti-Subsidy Duties

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photo: Matt P. via flickr

Citing unfair subsidies given to biodiesel producers in the United States, as well as dumping that subsidized fuel into its markets, the European Union has approved duties on imports of US biodiesel. These duties will be in effect for six months before being reviewed by EU governments and possibly extended as "definitive" duties, lasting for five years. The amount added per kilogram of fuel varies by producer:Euro 26 to 41 per 100 Kilogram Duty to be Added
Biodiesel from Archer Daniels Midland will have an additional €26 per 100kg of fuel; Cargill, €27/100kg; Imperium Renewables €29/100kg; Green Earth Energy Fuels €28/100kg; World Energy Alternatives €29/100kg; Peter Cremer North America €41/100kg. Reuters reports that most other US biodiesel companies will pay around €41 per 100kg of fuel.

Though the United States can appeal to the World Trade Organization if it believes the EU has acted unfairly in imposing these duties, it would take years for a ruling to be made.

The current US blender credit for biodiesel is $0.01 per gallon per percentage of biodiesel in the the fuel: B20 fuel would receive $0.20 per gallon.

The new EU duties go into effect March 13.

via: Biofuels Digest, Reuters
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