EU Scorecard on Environment Published


The EU has rated only one of ten key environmental indicators as green, and four as orange, leaving five issues in the red zone in a new publication reviewing .2007 EU Environmental Performance (pdf). But as can be seen in the graph image here: where the EU is not meeting internal goals set by the Sixth Environment Action Programme, the bloc is still a pacesetter for global performance. Priority areas of EU policy include not only climate change, but also nature and biodiversity; environment and health and quality of life, and natural resources and wastes.EU actions on sustainable energy and bold energy plans exemplify the leadership which the fast-growing European Union demonstrates on the world stage. But the internal report card recently published shows that targets in

  • Transport

  • Electricity from Renewables

  • Fisheries

  • Biodiversity

  • Urban Air Quality

are in danger of not being met. Only results in Air Emissions are on target to meet EU goals.

Via ::EU Environment