EU On Collison Course With US Over Airline Carbon Cap Proposal


This is one of those "Big Ideas" for climate management that looks to be headed nowhere. So, back to lifestyle choices for a bit.

"The International Civil Aviation Organization, a United Nations body that oversees global air travel, has scheduled a vote in Montreal this week, perhaps as early as today, on the European plan. U.S.-led opposition is mounting...Under the European Commission's proposal, European airlines would be forced to cap emissions starting in 2011, and foreign airlines flying into Europe would join the plan in 2012...The U.S., supported by Brazil, Japan, China and others, rejects the European plan as an unacceptable unilateral burden on companies."

Air transport globally is estimated to account for up to 9% of cultural sources of greehouse gas emission, and this is anticipated to double (approach 20%) within a few decades.

See also this earlier TreeHugger post on the European plan. Via: Wall Street Journal OnLine, Europe, U.S. Split on Emissions Image credit:: Aerospace News

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