EU Mayors Sign Covenant of Mayors Climate Initiative

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Just like the US Mayors signed their Climate Protection Agreement back in 2005, 400 EU mayors signed their own Climate Pact this week, called the Covenant of Mayors Initiative, agreeing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 20% by 2020. The signing comes as part of the larger EU Mayors Sustainable Energy Week 2009, which brings together high ranking officials and other famous faces to talk about sustainability options, as well as make commitments to do more than just talk about the options.The agreement will focus on communities reducing CO2 emissions and waste, as well as, reduce dependence on foreign energy and increase energy efficiency. Each city must develop a plan within the next 12 months to achieve their targets, and then will be monitored and evaluated by an outside organization to determine compliance. The Initiative was originally developed at the meeting last year and went under revision, until the final version was brought to the meeting this week.

The signing took place Tuesday, February 10, 2009 in Brussels, but there are over 146 events in 52 cities as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week. Currently there are over 911 mayors from all 50 states that are signatories of the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.:European Commission Press Release
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