ETSY Employees Haul 600lb of Compostables Each Month By Bike

ETSY composting photoETSY/Video screen capture

From awesome iPhone docs built out of old cameras to canning jars turned into reusable cups, online craft marketplace ETSY is full of upcycled, repurposed and otherwise sustainably manufactured goods.

But it's not just the goods that make ETSY so important.

I've noted before how ETSY is transforming the way we all do business, putting human relationships back into commerce on a Global scale. And their status as a B Corporation (For benefit Corporation) means they are also committed to improving their social and environmental performance.

Hence their impressive—and uniquely ETSY—way of reducing waste from their offices. Rather than simply contract with a recycling firm, or hiring waste management consultants, ETSY's staff have decided to get their hands dirty—collecting over 600lbs of biodegradable waste and sending it to Red Hook Community Farm for composting.

In keeping with the theme of human-scale business practices, they haul it there themselves by cargo bike. Adam Brown of ETSY's PR team even tells us that the effort reaches beyond their own offices:

Some employees (myself included) also save their organic waste from home and bring it to the office to be composted. Which is awesome because I don't have the space in my kitchen to compost that myself. I keep mine in a large ziplock bag in the freezer. Added bonus is no stinky kitchen trash!

Check out the video below—or read up on Etsy's approach to office ecology at the Etsy News blog.

Disclosure: I have previously written an article for ETSY blog on the environmental benefits (and shortfalls) of veganism.

ETSY Employees Haul 600lb of Compostables Each Month By Bike
Taking responsibility for their own waste, ETSY team members haul biodegradable trash to their local community farm by cargo bike.

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