Ethical Living Comes to America

"It's time to take a stand; every choice you make tomorrow will be environmentally friendly and socially responsible."
We have noted before that people in North America seem to be more single-issue types, whereas in the UK they wrap the whole package into the concept of ethical living. This may be changing: read the Toronto Star's "hour by hour guide to being a model citizen"- from the ringing of the alarm clock, which should not have batteries but should be Bullfrog powered. (what ever happened to wind-up? that would be the greenest option). Shower in cool water. don't flush the toilet. Drink fair trade coffee while you poach your free range organic eggs. Put on your organic cotton clothing and head out to work, and it is only 8:30 in a day in this virtuous life. read Naomi Carniol in ::theStar For background, Read Leo Hickman of the :: Guardian