Ethical Awards from the Observer


"Protecting the planet has never been so vital. But who's campaigning hardest to save the biosphere? Which building leaves the lightest ecological footprint? And which retailer is the best for sustainable shopping?" Britain's Observer newspaper has introduced six awards, to be nominated and voted on by readers, and "a judging panel of high-profile ethical enthusiasts. They are joined by an expert panel including some of the UK's most progressive thinkers and practitioners in the fields of sustainability, environmental science, eco-design, fairtrade and development issues" -We doubt many papers over here have even heard of such a list. "There is no denying that as the planet hots up, ethical living and its close cousins, eco and green living, have been ushered in from the cold at breathtaking speed. The transformation from niche sock-and-sandal wearers' hobby to the mainstream is almost complete." Maybe in Britain, we wish it were so here. We read the entire Sunday New York Times and did not find a single article on any of these subjects. Congratulations to the ::Observer