EPA Leader Jackson Lays Out 2010 Priorities


Photo Via Flickr

The Environmental Protection Agency sure has changed a lot since President Obama took over the government and installed Lisa Jackson as head of the EPA. The agency has issued new mileage standards for vehicles, which requires car makers by 2016 to make their fleets achieve a combined average fuel-economy standard of 35.5 mpg--39 mpg for cars and 30 mpg for light trucks and SUVs--a 40 percent improvement over current standards; and they are taking on climate change by putting out new Endangerment Finding which holds CO2 to be a regulated pollutant. Now in a new memo to employees, Jackson lists her agency's priorities for 2010. Tackling climate change will be a top priority for EPA this year, and so will six other important environmental problems.

Says Jackson:

"2009 saw historic progress in the fight against climate change. We must continue this critical effort and ensure compliance with the law. (EPA) will continue to develop common-sense solutions for reducing GHG emissions from large stationary sources like power plants and will continue to support passage of the climate bill in Congress."

The agency's six other priorities:

Improving air quality.
Evaluating chemical safety.
Strengthening the brownfields and Superfund cleanup programs.
Protecting water bodies and drinking water.
Protecting vulnerable populations.
Building strong state and tribal partnerships

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