EPA: Eternally Postpone Action; Nuclear Ghosts


EPA: Eternally Postpone Action?
By again ignoring his staff’s advice and postponing a decision on regulating greenhouse gases, Stephen Johnson, director of the Environmental Protection Agency, continued his apparent one-man campaign to make his office the most vilified agency in the entire Bush administration. ::Wall Street Journal We thought it stood for "Evidence of Pollution is Annoying". See also Bush to Phase Out Environment by 2009

Nuclear Ghosts: On Anniversary, Three Mile Island Still Haunts Industry
As nuclear power races back into the energy agenda, it keeps getting waylaid by old ghosts. Today is the 29th anniversary of the accident at Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania, when a partial core meltdown in one of the reactors led to five days of panic and 14 years of expensive clean-up. ::Wall Street Journal see also William McDonough on Nuclear Power and Nuclear Energy - Screwing US Taxpayers Behind The Scenes and answer our survey, Do Nukes have a Place in Our Future?

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