EPA and CCNY in Joint Venture to Produce Environmental Scientists

environmental science students photo
Faced with the stark truth that the numbers of U.S. students pursuing careers in science are dwindling rapidly, the EPA and the City College of New York have announced a joint effort to encourage and produce environmental scientists of diverse backgrounds to pursue their dreams in the field of environmental science and potentially wind up working for the EPA.

Of course, there’s always the reality that a career at the EPA may not fit the economic aspirations of such driven individuals, but there’s certainly cause for hope that the program through CCNY just may help fill the void at the EPA.
To do it they’ll start by providing summer internships in the EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response to go along with a student educational employment program to help develop the careers of those interested in a potential career, as well as ensuring that the EPA will participate in on-campus recruiting efforts at CCNY backed up by a visiting environmental speakers program and a forum where administration and students at CCNY will be able to learn the intricacies of pursuing a grant through the EPA first-hand.

Of course, the greatest thing that may enable the EPA to recruit the talent they need is through the rebirth of the agency under a new administration. But there’s no doubt that this strategic alliance should produce fruit down the road which will enable the agency to move forward in a positive light.

Who knows, perhaps you know someone who could, in some way benefit from this new partnership?

Via: EPA

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