Environmentalists Want Olympic Flame Turned Down

As Collin mentioned earlier, today marks the first anniversary of The Kyoto Protocol and environmentalists want the Olympic flame to be turned down in honor of this anniversary. A quick refresher: the Kyoto Protocol on global warming requires participating nations to cut emissions of six greenhouse gases to 5 percent below 1990 levels by 2012. Giuseppe Gattino, spokesman for the Turin organizing committee, said turning down the flame would have little substantive effect. "If you reduce it too little then there's no visible change, if you reduce it too much you risk extinguishing it. It's not the same as using a burner at home," he said. The organizers of the Turin Games are trying to offset carbon dioxide emissions and save water and energy use during the 16-day event and the European Union has praised them for their eco-friendly initiatives. The main Olympic Village, housing 2,500 athletes, has a record amount of solar panels and low-energy light bulbs. In the mountains, special tracks around the luge run and ski jumping hill allow animals to pass through the area. Gattino said the Olympic flame's gas consumption is already half what organizers originally expected. Via ::Yahoo! News Photo credit: Tourino2006.org