Environmental Responsibility in Business

Today’s Guardian newspaper has a supplement on environmental responsibility in business with some very interesting, heart warming and depressing articles on the state of the world's response to the environment. Starting with the interesting: only four of the world's ten largest companies have targets for reducing carbon dioxide. The oil companies are the largest emitters, with ExxonMobil the biggest; responsible for 138M tons a year, whilst BP has the lowest of the oil companies on the list, with 78 tons. Among car manufacturers, General Motors has the highest emissions at 12M tons per year, and Toyota has the lowest at 6M tons. The heart warming: ethical consumers are growing in strength. Of those surveyed, 77% sent items for recycling, 47% had become more energy efficient, a quarter had heard of the Project RED initiative and 38% had made five or more ethical purchases. And the depressing: reports on the impact of China’s economic development on water pollution, air quality, loss of fields and arable land. :: Guardian