Environmental Activist Exposed As Undercover Agent and Expresses Remorse

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For seven years Mark Stone was an important and serious environmental activist. According to the Guardian, he took part in every major protest in the UK from 2003 onwards and traveled abroad to demo's as well.

In October environmentalists discovered that he was living a double life as an undercover agent for the police. Now, in the midst of a trial of activists, he has expressed remorse and quit the police, telling friends that what he did was wrong. Apparently Stone was viewed as the "perfect environmentalist" by fellow activists. He had money to donate to the cause, a pick-up truck that everyone could use and was ready to work. He did eat meat but otherwise he was one of the guys; visiting more than 22 countries to take part in protests in Iceland, Spain and Germany. They called him "Flash" because of his ready money and tattoos.

In October, 2010 he was outed by protesters who discovered his passport and secret identity. There was news across the net about his betrayal. He confessed and went to live abroad

It turns out that he had been a policeman since 1994, and a secret agent infiltrating protest movements and "monitoring domestic extremists" since 2003.

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Photo: the Guardian

Things get really interesting now because there is a trial of six activists who were accused of "conspiring to break-in to a coal-fired power station" in Ratcliffe-on-Soar, Nottinghamshire. Now their trial has collapsed because lawyers for the activists had demanded information about the policeman's role in the affair. The prosecutors have had to abandon the trial because they would have had to disclose "classified details" about him.

In addition Stone, or Kennedy as he is really called, said that he would "help" the defendants because he felt so badly about what he had done. Then three weeks ago he backed out, saying that he was concerned about his personal safety and that of his family. His parting words: "I don't want this ever to happen to anyone ever again, what's happened is really wrong."

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